Luxury Homes

(Sales & Rentals)

Along with our state-of-the-art marketing strategies, we offer a unique “No lockbox” service. We represent our property owners on all tours- allowing us to offer insight and answer needed questions for both sides on the spot.


High-end Condominiums

(Sales & Leasing)

We specialize in Luxury Condos, our clients benefit from our experience with in-depth condo docs, and when the time comes to transfer separately deeded parking spaces.


Historic Homes

Historical properties entail a lot more than meets the eye and having a knowledgeable agent with experience in this area is essential for any transaction.


Waterfront Properties

(Riparian Rights, Littoral Rights)

When your property is on a waterway, there will be needed information in order for a buyer or seller to make an informed decision and having an experienced marketer in these types of properties is key.